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Escher’s Waterfall

Let me tell you one thing – when you receive exactly the same email from dozen of multiple sources, it means there’s definitely something going on. Luckily nothing bad happened, and it was just another video illusion submission. One I couldn’t ignore, unfortunately. If it wasn’t so complicated extracting those clips, and then optimizing them for articles, they would definitely be my favorite part of this site.

So what’s going on here? One thing about Dutch artist M.C. Escher was his ability to twist our brains with his optical illusions. The “Waterfall”, which was created back in 1961 is an impossible drawing showing what appears to be water running uphill before descending back onto a watermill wheel. You can see how the original looks on paper here. But what if we caught a glimpse of it created in real life? Has McWolles really achieved the impossible? Check the video below to see the physical version of Escher’s Waterfall. It is as if McWolles made one that actually works. Being honest, I just can’t understand where is the catch. Does it have something to do with camera’s angle (it never changes during the video), can it be that CGI was used? It almost gives you brain whiplash just thinking about it!

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