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Aquilaria Malaccensis Millionaire The Secret Perfume.

Botanical Name: Aquilaria Malaccensis.
Other Name: Karas, Engkaras, for wood, Aquilaria, krasna, agaloca, aloeswood, eaglewood, jinkoh.
Family: Thymelaeaceae.
Local Name: Gaharu / depu.

Location found: Tropical Rain Forest.

Agarwood in Malaysia is also known by other names such as depu, karas or engkaras large trees can reach heights of up to 40 feet in height. Trunk diameter can reach about 60 cm. Agarwood is a plant that grows in tropical rain forests, especially in lowland areas up to a height up to 270 meters above laut. Geographically covers the area south-east Asia, India and China. Agarwood can live in all types of land except the wetlands and water.

Business investment has continued to be implemented for the sandalwood tree is not extinct.

Method of planting:

1. Planting area is 6’x6 ‘or 10’x10’.
2. The total crop of 430 or 1,000 trees/ acre.
3. For an acre of land can be planted almost 1000 trees in the distance between 6-7 feet /acre tree was estimated revenues for RM1000.00 and is RM1 million/ acre.

The price can reach up to RM28, 000.00/kg for Double Super Grade. In fact, the market price for sandalwood oil is also very high at RM45,000.00/ kg. Southeast Asian agarwood exports valued at RM48.3 million to Saudi Arabia and the supply meets only 20% of the market.


Resin is produced at the core of sandalwood trees is a matter of great commercial value in the market higher this dunia.Resin since time immemorial been used as incense or incense, used in medicine, cosmetics or substances for religious ceremonies. Traditional way to get the resin is to cut down trees to get resinnya.Not all of which have been cooked to produce the resin, causing no trees cut down on wasted sahaja.Ini cause agarwood first threatened with extinction in its original habitat.

But now there are more effective methods are used without the need to cut and destroy the trees which have matured. After karas reach 5 years of age, vaccination is an enzyme for the production and left for 2 years before getting results. (It should be noted, without this technology will not help karas sandalwood in it. In contrast to the natural, agarwood is formed at the age of 20 to 40 years in the physical interference or micro organisms)

Now sandalwood is a protected plant species in the country.Aloes of natural habitats is a serious offense in this country. International agreements such as CITES (A Convension that discusses international transactions conducted on regulated species) has been certified and approved by 169 countries. This Agreement is to ensure that the transaction would not threaten the extinction of agarwood trees in their natural habitat.

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