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Perodua Myvi Redesigned in Malaysia

Perodua, one of the two Malaysian government-linked carmakers, has launched the second generation of its Myvi, the country’s best-selling car. Having held the number-one title for five consecutive years, it looks like the designers played it safe by going for an evolutionary change as the new model retains the same profile as its predecessor.

The Myvi is based on the same platform as the Daihatsu Boon and Toyota Passo. Daihatsu, a Toyota affiliate, is Perodua’s technical partner.

Improved interior packaging has allowed for a marginal reduction in proportions and, though the same 1.3-liter inline-4 engine is used (with a 1.5-liter likely to be added in the future), performance has improved due to the use of electric power steering and better aerodynamics.

Some 85 percent of the Myvi’s parts are made in Malaysia so the supply-chain hiccup resulting from the tsunami in Japan did not delay the launch schedule.

With this new model, Perodua aims to boost exports to ASEAN countries as well as to some South Pacific states. Depending on the market, the car will be sold as a Perodua or as a Daihatsu.

Inside Line says: Having proven its ability to produce cars with high build quality, Perodua is getting to collaborate more with Daihatsu outside Malaysia — Chips Yap, Correspondent

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